Looking forward to the post-lockdown future….

01st May 2020   ~   Uncategorised

Covid 19….

One virus bringing the world to its knees and changing almost every aspect of the way we live our lives. For Businesses like us in the Hospitality & Leisure Industry, it has spelt disaster and worry for the future.

The irony of it all is that this hit us right during the approach to busy season! The weather turned perfect for an Outdoor Events Manager such as myself!

Despite all the woe, we must all look forward to the future. A future with the freedom to return to somewhat ‘normal’. But what we define as normal I feel will change for the foreseeable. Most notably, I predict an emphasis on ‘work from home’. It makes sense in the wake of this pandemic, for companies to question the need for staff to travel in to work if they can just as easily work from home.

But what will this mean for Team-building and Staff Away Days?

Potentially real hardship….

Potentially a new front to explore….


With staff working at home, surely team bonding will become quite a necessity once in a while? Instead of Staff becoming just another screen to communicate via (as if we don’t have enough of that in our lives at the moment!)

So to all the Business Directors out there, whom value there Staff and believe in the power of a cohesive and diverse Team, contact me to discuss ways in which you can bring your potentially ‘virtual’ workforce together, as humans, for a fun, exhilarating, but above all safe adventure day here at Adventure Cheshire, the best Outdoor Activity Venue and Corporate Hospitality provider in the whole North-West.



NHS, you rock! Discounts for you guys and gals for sure!


Take care and stay safe everyone!


Kind regards





Adventure Cheshire at Catton Hall is Cheshire's premier outdoor activity venue. We offer a range of activities such as clay pigeon shooting, quad biking, air rifling, falconry, paintball, and archery. So whether you're organising a corporate team building day, a stag or hen party, or you just want a great day out, we've got you covered.